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Jerusalem Pens

It's everyone's dream to make a living doing what they love best.
When Israeli stationery shop owner David Elispur put on an exhibit titled A Pen for All Times in the Jerusalem Theater, his dream gave birth to reality, and Jerusalem Pens was born.
The exhibit was visited by various statesmen and the press. The mayor of Jerusalem put in an appearance, as did several members of parliament and a number of prominent attorneys and judges.

Varios Middle Eastern pen collectors make the sojourn to Jerusalem Pens to check out the store's wares and enjoy its first-class service. Located in Rehavia, one of Jerusalem's oldest neighborhoods, the store is just down the street from prime minister's residence and is a five-minute walk from the Larom Hotel, where peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians often take place.

Elispur designed the interior of the store, which is as venerable as its location. The floor and display cabinets are fashioned of cherry and are made by one of the top carpentry companies in Israel. The store is one of Israel's primary suppliers of Montblanc items that was built to order and shipped from Switzerland. All major pen companies are represented in the store. In addition, Jerusalem Pens imports the Stipula, Dani and Waldmann brands and offers one of the widest selections of pens in the country.

Elispur has been a pen collector for 25 years. He mainly favors fountain pens, and his interest in the writing instruments began when his brother received one for his bar mitzvah. Elispur accidentally broke the pen, took it apart and then fixed it. Now, Jerusalem Pens is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and Elispur has designed a limited edition pen, made by Stipula, to be distributed in two series of 100 pieces each in celebration of the event. He's come a long way from his pen collection days.

In the future, Elispur hopes to open two more pen shops outside Jerusalem.
His goal, he says, is "to supply the best, at the best price and with the best service; to enhance the love of pens and handwriting in the age of computers." His customers, who exclaim over the quality of his services, would say that he's wekk on his way.

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